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The Assassin Snail is a single page monster for Mork Borg.

And it's got a great, well-organized layout that uses splashes of color to highlight the art without interfering with the text.

Content-wise, the writing on the monster is strong, but the monster isn't setting-defining. It's easy to drop into an occasional encounter or weave into your worldbuilding. There's some optional hooks to connect it deeper to the dying world, but it isn't a god of snails or anything like that. It's simply a very effective pursuit predator.

So if you want a neat creature to drop into your game of Mork Borg---and especially if you want something that threatens high armor players---the assassin snail makes for a very memorable encounter. Check it out if you get the chance.


Thabk you so much for such a wonderful comment! I'm so happy you like it, i hope it goes well in your games!