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Just finised a playthrough of this run by a friend of mine. It was delightful, immersive, and very easy to learn and play. We played for a total of five hours and had fun using kid logic to solve problems, outfit ourselves with wild garlic and (probably) holy water, and managed to stop Vlad before he bit nice old Miss Florence!

Thanks for making this, it's great!


Innovative, flexible, super-cute, and really well-written! I was immediately taken back to the pulpy kids books I used to devour. 

Absolutely worth picking up, it's a ton of fun.


With a simple but highly flexible ruleset and incredibly strong theming The Vampire Next Door is a fantastic short roleplaying game. One of it's greatest strengths is it's immediately clear concept that will help even new roleplayers get into the setting and story. 

It also has brilliant layout that both displays the information well and helps communicate the intended vibe of the experience!

It's seriously worth picking up! 


One of my friends ran this game for us last month. I enjoyed the fact that character creation was super easy, and we had a lot of fun snooping around town trying to find clues. Finding four clues was a bit difficult to do in the four hours we had, but I think it serves as a great introduction to roleplaying for anyone who hasn't done it before.

Hello! And apologies for the delayed reply.

I'm so happy to hear you played this and had a good time! I definitely think a big part of the fun is the fairly simple rules and getting to play at snooping round and investigating things.

You're right that 4 pieces of evidence is probably a bit much for a single session game, I'll have a look at adding/amending that when I revise a few things.

Thank you for your feedback!