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The information contained in this document is intended only for Division VI agents. Under no circumstances should this information be accessed by or shared with persons not privileged with Clearance Level 1.

Division VI

Division VI is an unfolding setting supplement for use with Monster of the Week, in a world where Hunters are employed by the mysterious and highly secretive organisation, Division VI, whose agents hunt down supernatural creatures who do harm to humanity, and do their best to let the mundane world stay in blissful ignorance. It's Men in Black meets SCP, worked into the episodic feel of shows like Supernatural and Buffy.

The supplement is currently in early access. At this time the supplement is incomplete. Purchasing now unlocks Clearance Code 1: Field Agent, and access to all future updates.

Clearance Code 1: Field Agent

A collection of 5 monsters and 1 minion. Each monster has a full set of stats, attacks, powers, and weaknesses, and includes flavour text to guide adding each monster to your own game. Monsters range from a classic kelpie to a parasitic cat-sìth, with creatures both original and inspired by folklore.

Included files:

  • 8-page full-colour PDF
  • Mystery Planner template for use in Word/Google Docs
  • Please note a plaintext document will be released shortly

Future Updates

Future updates will expand on the world of Division VI, and the content offered. There is no set release schedule, but with each subsequent update the purchase price will increase. 

Monster of the Week is copyrighted by Evil Hat Productions, LLC and Generic Games. This is an unofficial supplement, and unaffiliated with either Evil Hat Productions, LLC or Generic Games.
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Purchased. Excited to see more material. Great job :)

Thanks so much for buying! I'm glad you enjoyed, and looking forward to sharing more!