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Trekking through the wilderness and pelted by driving rain, a group of adventurers might be grateful to stumble across a ramshackle cabin. To their misfortune, what seemed to be a place to shelter from the elements reveals itself to be a House Spider; an ambush predator now ready to claim its meal.

The House Spider is a system-neutral creature with an encounter primer, for use in any fantasy setting. This unpleasant insectoid looks just like a shack or cabin, but once players' guard is down reveals itself to be a ravenous predator.

Purchase includes: a one-page creature introduction and encounter primer for use in campaigns, and stats for all mentioned enemies compatible with MÖRK BORG and 5th Edition.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorCat Elm
TagsFantasy, Monsters, Tabletop role-playing game

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