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The Haunting of Abimond Manor is funding for a print run, which will include bespoke art and maps, updated layout, and a redraft and editing for the text. Join the campaign at the link above to stay up to date with the project's progress and secure your copy.

Free preview files of the first floor of the manor are available which includes 12 rooms, 5 foes, 2 items, and two examples of conversions to use the adventure in a chosen system.

About the adventure

For the better part of a century the decaying husk of Abimond Manor has perched on a hill overlooking Wraicdale, its permanent halo of dark clouds casting a gloomy pall over the village. Once the grand country home of the influential Abimond family, it has lain empty and abandoned since the sudden disappearance of its last master, Elenia Abimond. 

Locals claim the manor is cursed, and that no one who has ventured into the manor grounds has ever returned. They do their best to leave well enough alone, and for decades the town has studiously ignored the crumbling building on its outskirts. Until four nights ago, when three villagers - Stasia Hauden, Jack Robertson and Rowan Arden - dared to approach its gates; they have not returned.

Abimond Manor rots with more than just age, its walls home to a festering evil that taints the earth the manor sits upon. Piece together its history and contend with the unquiet spirit that dwells there, while she tries to escape and return to the world.

A system and setting-neutral adventure for any sword and sorcery fantasy roleplaying game, The Haunting of Abimond Manor is a classic dungeoncrawl through a haunted house. 

This adventure features a time-limited event, tracked either in exploration turns or in real-time, and is designed to be played through in approx. 4 hours. 

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Release date Oct 05, 2022
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorCat Elm
Tagsghost, Halloween, haunted-house, Spooky, Tabletop role-playing game

Download demo

THOAM preview pdf.pdf 1 MB
THOAM preview html.html 96 kB
Abimond Manor preview map.pdf 363 kB
THOAM preview - MORK BORG conversion.html 38 kB
THOAM preview - 5e conversion.html 49 kB

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